Brake Repair Medinah

Our Automotive repair shop in nearby Addison Illinois offers same day brake inspections and repairs to residents in Medinah.

Brake Service Medinah Illinois

Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Your car is NOT drivable without working breaks. If you notice your brakes aren’t working as well as they used to, they need to be inspected as soon as possible. You also should get your brakes inspected if you start to hear loud or unusual sounds when you brake becuase this means that there could be a problem with your brake pads. Take care of your car and visit an auto repair shop you can trust, like Auto Advantage of Addison! We are a full-service shop and can help with: oil changes, brakes, air conditioning, new tires and repairs, water pumps, timing belts, flushes, tune-ups, belts, hoses, and more. We also offer a FREE ride service that will drop you off at home while we service your vehicle. In addition to our ride service we offer money saving automotive coupons for you to use. Our automotive technicians find the most cost-effective solutions so you don’t spend more money than necessary. We have been servicing brakes to residents in the Medinah area for over 24 years for any make and model of vehicle. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and treating everyone with the utmost respect.

Brake Repair Service Medinah Illinois

Keeping your brakes working properly is critical in getting you safely from point A to point B. If you notice any of the signs below, your brakes need to be inspected asap. Our Auto Advantage mechanics are highly trained and certified and will make all the necessary repairs or brake replacements needed to get your vehicle back on the road. Be sure to view our customer reviews!

Signs You Need Brake Repair

  1. Loud screeching- if this sound becomes regular, call your local mechanic right away to schedule a brake repair service. This could indicate a problem with your brake pads and become very dangerous.
  2. Brake Light- get your brakes inspected if the brake light turns on.
  3. Fading- if you have to push harder than usual to brake, there might be a leak in your brake system. Check for leaking by looking for a small puddle of brake fluid under your car.
  4. Pulling- if your vehicle starts to pull to one side while you brake, then it is a sign that your brake linings are wearing unevenly. Your car might just need the brakes adjusted.
  5. Grinding- this sound signals your brake pads might be wearing down. This can be very dangerous if not looked at or dealt with. If you notice these sounds take your vehicle to your local mechanic and have your brakes repaired. 
  6. Vibration- if your vehicle feels like it is vibrating or pulsating then it might mean that your vehicle is out of alignment or that you have warped rotors. Both are signs that you need your brakes checked out.

Brake Inspection Service Medinah IL

Brake problems may start off small, but can quickly escalate into very serious problems if not taken care of. When a mechanic inspects your brakes, they check brake pads, discs, and brake lines. After they finish the inspection they can make the appropriate repair suggestions. We normally recommend that you get your brakes inspected every 12,000 miles, maybe more often if you drive frequently.  If you need your brakes inspected or repaired, stop by Auto Advantage of Addison today! 

The only thing better than their top notch skills and expertise is the outstanding customer service. I’d recommend them to everyone and anyone.

Casey Lundberg

I had some recall work on my car the dealership said I needed new front brake pads and rotors. I told them I would bring the car in next week.
I took it to Auto Advantage and had them look at the car and all I needed was brake pads. They also found that I needed new wheel bearings on my driver’s side back wheel, the dealership missed this. If I did not bring it to Auto Advantage I would not have known it needed to be fixed. Great Service and fair you will not be disappointed.

Jim G.