Engine & Transmission Repair Lombard

The engine and transmission are what allows your car to move and get from place to place. Without proper care and regular maintenance, your transmission and engine have a higher risk of breaking down or failing. If you’re driving and your engine or transmission starts to fail, it can be extremely dangerous. Auto Advantage of Addison can help keep your vehicles in Lombard, Illinois running properly! We have been serving the Lombard area for over 23 years. We offer engine and transmission repair services that will get your car safely back on the road in no time.

Engine Repair Lombard

If you think there might be a problem with your engine then you should bring it into an auto repair shop right away. You will save more money the sooner you get it repaired. If you ignore the warning signs that your engine is breaking down, bigger and more expensive problems will occur. A simple repair is a fraction of what a replacement will cost. The best way to prevent engine failure is by keeping your engine maintained by getting engine tune-ups. Tune-ups will catch any small problems and help your car last longer.

How To Keep Your Engine Clean Lombard

The engine is the most important part on your car. The engine is what gets your vehicle to and from each place. The better you take care of your engine, the better your vehicle will run. Your engine should be cleaned a few times a year, if not more, if you live in harsh conditions. One great way to keep your engine clean is by removing all the grease from the engine. Removing the grease and grime will allow your car to stay cooler and help prevent it from overheating. If you have never cleaned your engine, you should ask our professionals at Auto Advantage for some tips! If you forget to cover certain electronic parts while cleaning the engine, you might risk damaging other parts in your car. Here are a few tips on cleaning an engine:

  • Purchase engine greaser and spray it on the engine.
  • Cover all parts when washing your engine
  • Run your engine for about 15 min after you finish cleaning it.
  • Before starting, make sure the engine is off and cool
  • Brush or wipe away any residue and let the engine greaser soak for at least 10 minutes.

Transmission Repair Lombard

If you don’t get necessary transmission repairs when needed and have to replace your transmission, it can cost over $2000. Transmission repair in Lombard is a lot less expensive than having the entire transmission replaced. Catching issues while they are small can save you a lot of time and money. Here is a list of signs that your transmission needs repair:

  1. Difficult to shift – If your car is difficult to shift gears, this is another sign that there is a problem with your transmission.
  2. Delays – If your engine has a delayed start when you are trying to move it.
  3. Transmission slipping – If your car starts to slip into another gear without you shifting it then you should get your car checked out right away. When this happens, your engine might make a high-pitched sound.
  4. Transmission light – this light doesn’t always mean your engine is going out. However, if your light is on and you have lots of issues with your vehicle already, you should get it checked out.
  5. Fluid leak – transmissions are not supposed to leak. If you notice red or dark brown spots on your driveway, bring it in to get checked out.

Maintaining Your Transmission

The cost of transmission repair or replacement can be costly in Lombard, Illinois. However, maintaining your transmission will keep it lasting long. Prevent your transmission from breaking down by following these preventative steps:

  • Change the filter – older car models have a transmission filter. If you know that your vehicle has a transmission filter, you should have it changed every once in awhile.
  • Check your transmission fluid – checking your transmission fluid is as easy as checking your oil. Pull out the transmission dipstick, wipe it off, re-insert it and check it. Low transmission fluid can indicate a leak and needs to be checked right away.
  • Get annual inspections – get annual transmission inspections to ensure your car is running smoothly. Annual inspections will catch any problems early on and help prevent bigger problems from occurring
  • Keep your engine cool – prevent your vehicle from overheating by keeping the engine cool.
  • Transmission flushing – Take your vehicle into Auto Advantage to get the transmission fluid flushed. If you get your transmission fluid flushed regularly then your vehicle is less likely to overheat.
  • Don’t change gears – changing your gears while you are driving is bad for your car. If your change gears while driving, your transmission has a high risk of breaking down or failing.
  • Use correct fluid – if you are changing your transmission fluid yourself, make sure you are using the correct fluid. If you are unsure, ask your local auto repair shop!
  • Don’t drive on your spare tire – driving with a spare tire can cause issues with your transmission over time because spare tires are usually not the same size as your regular tires.

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