Same Day Oil Changes in Addison Illinois

Oil Change Addison

The engine is one of the most important parts on your car because it is what allows it to run. WIthout the engine you won’t be able to get anywhere. Since your car is what gets you to and from places it should be well taken care of in order to run efficiently. Oil changes need to be done in order for your car to run efficiently. They help remove particles and dirt to keep your engine running smoothly in Addison, Illinois. Oil changes are quick and easy when you take your car to Auto Advantage of Addison. Our team will take great care of your vehicle and you’ll want to come back to us for every oil change.

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Importance of Oil Changes Addison

Finding an auto shop you enjoy going to and mechanics you can trust can be difficult. At Auto Advantage of Addison we have friendly employees who will greet you as soon as you walk in and provide service you can depend on. The next time you are looking for somewhere to go for your next oil change in the Addison area, stop by Auto Advantage. Oil changes are important for your car and should be changed every 3 months or every 3,0000 miles. Oil changes are quick and affordable and something you shouldn’t be skipping. Oil changes are important because:
  1. Keep your car lasting- if you don’t maintain your car, it will not last as long. Oil changes will keep your car lasting long because it is removing anything built up in the oil.
  2. Keeps the engine cool- when a car moves the parts create a lot of friction. If the parts are not lubricated then those parts will create additional friction, causing your car to overheat. If it overheats than you are putting your engine at risk of breaking down.
  3. Remove unwanted particles in engine- dirt and sludge are bad for your engine and need to be removed during an oil change. Regular oil changes every 3,000 miles or 3 months will keep your car running great!
  4. Help improve gas mileage- by getting your oil changed on time every month, the less fuel consumption it will need to use. It has been proved that oil changes help save at least a gallon of gas per year.
  5. Maintain engine- oil changes will keep your engine in great shape. They will keep all of the parts in your car lubricated and at a lower risk of overheating.

Signs You Need An Oil Change

Do you remember the last time you had an oil change? If not, then it’s probably time. Don’t be the one who gets stuck in the middle of the road in Addison because your engine failed due to lack of oil changes. If you don’t remember when you last had an oil change there are some signs you should watch out for.
  1. Loud engine- if the engine is not properly lubricated then the parts start to rub against each other causing loud sounds coming from your engine. Getting an oil change will stop the sounds from happening and prevent it from getting worse.
  2. Dirty oil- checking your oil once a month will help determine if you need to take your car in earlier then the suggested time frame. If your oil is very dirty from more driving than usual, take your car in and get the oil changed.
  3. Smoke- if you notice smoke coming from your exhaust then it could indicate an oil leak in your engine. It could also mean that you might need repairs on parts near or in your engine.
  4. Engine check light- your engine check light is a common sign telling you to get your engine checked. The light means the engine oil is severely low. You can check your oil level by checking the dipstick. If you don’t know how to check on your own then bring it to our professionals at Auto Advantage.
  5. Oil odor- if you smell oil from your car, bring it in to get looked at as soon as you can. The smell of oil is a sign that your car might have a leak or that it is overheating. Either reason is important to bring it in.

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