Oil Changes Wood Dale

Oil Changes Wood Dale

Oil changes are an ongoing part of owning a car. They also tend to be one of the least expensive regular maintenance costs that you will incur. While it is one of the least expensive regular costs, it is still very important for your car’s engine. Given how important oil is to the operation of your car though, it is one thing that you should not ignore. Your car’s engine is moving much faster than your car is. With thousands of revolutions per minute even at low speeds means that parts need protection from the friction of the moving parts. New oil helps your car’s engine run better by reducing the friction between the moving parts of your engine. This is why the term well-oiled machine works so well. A well-oiled engine run smoother which reduces the impact all those revolutions have on it, meaning your engine will run longer. Over time the oil in your engine can wear out for a lot of reasons.

Engine Use

While most of the time, time is a factor in everything. The more you drive your engine, the more pressure your oil experiences. The faster you drive your vehicle or, the more times you drive it the oil in your car is being worked through the spaces between the parts over and over again. This can cause the oil to break down and lose viscosity which means your car’s engine is not getting the protection it needs to operate at peak efficiency. This also means the longer you drive your car with worn oil the higher the chances of your engine breaking down. So don’t take the risk of your engine breaking down, get your oil changed regularly based on how far you drive as well as how long it has been. Be sure to ask what oil is recommended for your car and what the suggested change distance and time is.


All things break down over time, and engine oil is no exception. Conventional motor oil is made up of petroleum hydrocarbons, which are organic, but conventional oil is still toxic to drink. Like most organic substances they degrade over time. This means that even though you might think it will last a lifetime, it has a shelf life. Older motor oil older than 3 years should never be used inside an engine. Synthetic motor oil can still go bad after a few years. The manufactured components of the oil can separate and break down meaning your engine will not have the protection it needs to avoid excessive wear. Though 3 years is in a sealed container when exposed to air and other elements the oil can break down faster, especially when heat and pressure are involved.

Engine Heat

Temperature has a lot to do with how your oil operates. Over the years people found that colder climates require thinner oil while warmer climates ones need thicker oil to maximize power while minimizing wear. One of the significant advancements in automotive technology was thermochromism oil. When you see two different numbers on an engine oil, that means what the viscosity of the oil is. The W lets you know what the thickness is in winter. The oil reacts to temperature by becoming thinner in colder weather allowing the oil to flow easier through a cold engine, and thicker in warmer temperatures. However, oil is still broken down over time by engine heat.

Auto Shop Wood Dale

While making the time is hard, finding a place is not. Auto Advantage in Wood Dale is just a phone call away, and we can work with you to find a time that works for you. Our knowledgeable technicians can also give you options for the different types of oils that you can use in your car. Conventional Oil, Full Synthetic Oil, or Conventional/Synthetic Blend all have their advantages and disadvantages, and some are better for your car based on age. So don’t wait too long and have to deal with a more significant problem down the road. Don’t wait! Stop by Auto Advantage and get your oil changed!