Tune-Ups Bensenville

Vehicles need to be taken care of in order to keep running efficiently. Your vehicle is being used constantly, driving you and your family around. If you are not taking care of your vehicle with regular tune-ups or maintenance visits then there can be serious consequences. If you do not remember the last time your car had a tune-up then it is probably time to get one. At Auto Advantage of Addison we specialize in vehicle tune ups. We have been serving residents in Bensenville, Illinois for over 23 years. We are proud of the work we provide and have the repeat customers to show for it.

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Importance of Tune-Ups Bensenville

Do you remember the last time your car was brought in for a tune-up? If you can’t remember then it might be time to get one. Tune-ups are important in preventing anything serious from happening to your car. Most cars need tune-ups every 30,000-45,000 miles. Newer cars can wait longer to get tune-ups. You might need a tune-up before the 30,000 miles if your car is experiencing major issues. Don’t be the person stuck on the side of the road with an issue that could have easily been prevented with proper maintenance. Auto Advantage offers tune-ups that will keep your car safe in Bensenville. Here are just a few reasons how tune-ups can help you:
  1. Prevent accidents– During a tune-up a professional will check your brakes, tires and front portion of your car. A full tune-up will help keep your vehicle safe on the road because a professional can repair any issues right away.
  2. Repairs– Tune-ups will catch small problems before they turn into anything serious. Catching small problems early on will save you from needing expensive repairs and keep your car in great condition.
  3. Saving on expensive repairs– Maintenance is important because it can be the difference from needing a couple hundred dollars worth of repairs. Getting your tires aligned and the oil changed at the same time can help prevent issues with the engine or from getting stuck somewhere with a flat tire.
  4. Prevention– Tune-ups are a great way to prevent your vehicle from breaking down on the side of the road. Breaking down on the side of the road can be a scary thought for most people in Bensenville. If you get regular tune-ups then you have a lower chance of that happening to you.
  5. Life Expectancy– Having things done to your car such as, engine checks, oil changes and brake inspections are important in keeping your car in excellent condition and lasting many years. There is nothing worse than having to replace a car that you have only had for a few years due to poor maintenance. You car will last longer if you maintain it properly and regularly.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs A Tune-Up

Tune-ups are great for prevention purposes, catching small problems, servicing small repairs, and overall efficiency. Make sure you get your car a tune-up in Bensenville today at Auto Advantage. You can trust our professionals to handle your vehicle and offer honest pricing. If you are experiencing any of the signs below then we suggest you bring your car into our shop and get a tune-up.
  • Unusual sounds- If you aren’t familiar with unusual sounds coming from your vehicle then it is best to have it looked at. If it is coming from your brakes or engine then you can have a serious problem with your car.
  • Jerking/vibrating vehicle- If your vehicle is jerking or making weird vibrations then you should have it inspected right away. If you have these issues there could be problems with your tires, universal joints, or many other causes.
  • Warning lights on- The warning lights on your vehicle are important and need to be taken seriously. They are there to tell you if something is wrong and telling you to get your car looked at right away.
  • Stalling- If you car is stalling it could be because of a number of things and needs to be checked out right away. Stalling can be very dangerous if you are at busy intersections or on the highway.
  • Takes longer to speed up- Taking longer to speed up can be very dangerous, especially if you are on the highway where everyone is going at a fast pace.

Free Ride Service

Do you find it difficult to get your car to an auto shop to get services? At Auto Advantage we offer a convenient free ride service. This service includes dropping you off at your home or business to make it easy to get your car the service that it needs. If you want to keep your car in great shape then contact us today. We can see if you live in our radius for a free ride service!