Winterizing Barrington

Winters in Barrington can get cold, icy and snowy. These weather conditions can make it difficult to drive in. When you are driving in bad weather conditions, it is important to be prepared for the worst. If it is freezing out and something goes wrong with your car, do you have the supplies needed to fix it? Auto Advantage of Addison is here to help get you ready for winter. We can check your car and make sure it is ready to go or help your repair or maintenance your car, so it is. Our professionals have been helping residents prepare for winter in Barrington for over 23 years.

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Winterize Your Car Barrington

No one in Barrington, Illinois is ever ready for the cold winter months ahead. Winter always finds a way to sneak up on us and lasts for what it seems like forever. If you are one of the many who drive everyday then you need to make sure your car is ready for winter too. Winterizing your car is important because it helps prevent your car from breaking down. One of the worst things to happen in the winter is your car breaking down or getting a flat tire when it is below freezing outside. That’s why you should do whatever you can to prevent that from happening.

Winterizing Tips:

  1. Tire Pressure- If you do not use snow tires in the winter, then make sure you have good tire pressure. When it is cold outside in Barrington, your tires air pressure drops. During the winter keep an eye on your tires to make sure they have enough pressure. When your tires do not have enough pressure they are not as safe to drive because they do not get the same amount of traction.
  2. Four-Wheel Drive – Four-wheel drive is a smart choice to use during the winter because it provides better traction. Bring your car to Auto Advantage of Addison to have your four-wheel drive checked. Our mechanics can make sure everything is set to the correct level and we can also show you how to use it if you haven’t ever used it before.
  3. Anti-Freeze – Make sure your anti-freeze does not freeze this winter! If you want to prevent the coolant from freezing then you need to make sure that your anti-freeze and water is almost half and half.
  4. Battery – Cold weather can be tough on your car. When it is extremely cold out or below freezing, your battery does not work as well as it usually would because your battery has less power then it normally does. A mechanic at Auto Advantage can test your battery to see if it needs to be charged or replaced before the winter season starts so your car is ready to go. Even if your battery looks okay, they can clean away any dirt and corrosion.
  5. Oil Change – Your engine needs oil in order to run and get you to and from each place. Make sure you are getting your oil changed about every 3,000 miles or about every 3 months to ensure your vehicle is properly lubricated.
  6. Snow Tires – If you live in an area that has bad roads and is always snowy and icy, consider getting winter tires. Snow tires are made specifically for snow and have a better grip in slippery conditions. They help with overall traction and you have a better chance of not slipping.
  7. Wiper Fluid/Wiper Blades – Your car needs wiper blades and windshield wiper fluid in the winter in order to see. Snow, rain and slush can make it difficult to drive in so it is important to be prepared. You should change your wiper blades if they are old or starting to break and make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid. Wiper fluid goes by fast in the winter, so it is a good idea to leave an extra bottle of fluid in your car incase you run out while you are driving.
  8. Belts & Hoses – Cold weather is tough on your car’s belts and hoses. It is important to keep these in good condition because they help your engine run. If you notice that your belts and hoses are getting worn down, bring your car to Auto Advantage of Addison. Our mechanics can replace them if needed.
  9. Emergency Supplies – Preparing for emergencies is extremely important, especially during the winter in Barrington. If you get stuck somewhere on one of the coldest days of the year, you need to make sure that you are prepared. Make sure you have supplies for a flat tire, jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, gloves, first aid kit, water bottles, and a shovel incase you get snowed in.

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