Winterize your Car Bensenville

Everyone looks to the picturesque landscape of freshly fallen snow during the winter. However, no one wants to look at it while waiting for someone to pick them up after their car has stopped working. Preparing your car for winter doesn’t take much time, but it can save you hours of hassle later. Auto Advantage of Addison can help you prepare your car for winter, so you’re not left out in the cold. We will:
  • Winterize your wipers
  • Check your battery
  • Check your tires
  • Change your coolant

Wiper Blades Bensenville

Anyone that has dealt with a car after snowfall has had to take the time to clear it off. Some people try to use their wiper blades to clear off enough to see to get by. This can be risky as there is a chance that standard wiper blades will break because of the cold and ice. Winter blades are stronger and can withstand the colder temperatures better. Changing your wiper fluid to one with an anti-ice formula additive can also help to keep your windshield clear and give you better visibility this winter.

Car Battery check Bensenville

Cold weather can suck the life out of your car’s battery. The colder weather reduces the power which can prevent your car from starting, to know if your car is up to the challenge of winter you need to watch a few things.
  1. Type of battery – Because of the heat and cold affect batteries differently, not all batteries are created equal. Make sure that your battery can handle temperatures down to below freezing.
  2. Size of battery – While most models take the same size, there are multiple ratings for those batteries. The lower power batteries can often save you money, but put you at risk of being stranded. Typically the middle of the road is the safe way to go without spending a fortune.
  3. Age of the battery – Normally car batteries last 3 years. As they get to the end of their life, they lose their ability to hold a charge which can prevent your car from starting. Typically a car’s battery is charged enough while the car is running to keep the engine going.

Car Tires Bensenville

Your tires are the key to your car moving and stopping in any weather and making sure they are winter ready is important. Shallow treads can cause your car’s tires to slip in the snow causing you to slide. The colder weather also causes the pressure inside your tires to drop which can cause excessive wear on clear roads and uneven wear leading to a decrease in the life expectancy of your tires.

Coolant Replacement Bensenville

While it might not seem like a major deal in the winter, having your coolant prepared for winter is important. Over time debris can build up inside your coolant lines, and the coolant can lose its ability to conduct heat. If there is too much water in your coolant, you run the risk of your lines freezing, and that can lead to other problems. New coolant will help your car operate at the optimum temperature, and can also help keep you warm as the coolant is what is used in most cars to operate the heat inside.

Quality Automotive Repair Bensenville

Winterizing your car is good, but having it done by professionals is better. While we prepare your car for winter, we can also look for problems that might be coming down the road and can let you know what needs to be done. Our expert technicians have the experience to work on all major makes and models of cars and will let you know everything they find so you won’t be in for a surprise.