Air Conditioning Elmhurst

There is nothing worse than driving in a car without air conditioning during the hot summer months. Once you start noticing weak air flow in your vehicle get it checked out right away. You’re more likely to prevent serious AC damage the sooner you get it checked out. AC performance inspections could catch small issues right away. Get your air conditioner inspected and make the minor repairs. Don’t wait until the small problems start affecting other parts of your vehicle.

Causes of weak air flow

  1. Broken Ventilation Fan- if the fan is broken, the air will not be able to flow properly or at all in your vehicle, causing weak air flow.
  2. Mold- mold or mildew might have formed in your evaporator core from moisture that forms during the cooling process.
  3. Loose Hose- when a hose becomes loose it causes wear air flow to the blower vent. If the vent does not get air flow than it won’t be able to flow properly throughout your vehicle.
  4. Seals- when the evaporator core seal or the blower seal opens, it will compromise the entire unit.

Why doesn’t my AC unit work like it used to?

An AC unit might not be working for a number of reasons. If yours is not working, bring it into an auto shop right away. Getting the air conditioner checked early on will help prevent serious and costly repairs or replacements. If you wait to get it repaired you could be jeopardizing other parts. Low air conditioning flow could be caused by:

  • Failed motor
  • Leak
  • Failed compressor
  • Clogged refrigerant charging hose
  • Leak in vacuum
  • Failed Switch

Causes of warm air

Sometimes the cold air starts to blow warm or hot air for many different reasons. It could be a clogged expansion valve, your refrigerant cannot flow properly if that is clogged. It could also be an issue with the compressor clutch. If the clutch is not connected properly, than it cannot work properly.  

Air Conditioning Leak Elmhurst

  • Black lights are used to detect leaks. A lot of refrigerants are pre mixed with a special UV dye that can be seen under the black light. An auto shop can shine the black light over the refrigerant to detect dye.
  • A sniffer is also used to smell leaks. It is a machine that smells the refrigerants chemical components to determine if there is a leak.

Why does my AC unit smell?

Sometimes the air conditioner in your vehicle starts to smell up your car with an awful odor. If your AC smells bad when it is turned on, get it checked out right away. The smell could indicate that you need a filter changed, a drain is blocked somewhere, or there is mold starting to form.

Why does an AC unit break?

An air conditioner will break because of two simple reasons: age and moisture. Certain components can get old or lose their seal and can be replaced but the main cause of a broken AC unit is moisture. If too much moisture is present, your AC unit will stop functioning.

Auto Shop Elmhurst

Watch out for the small warning signs. If you notice your vehicle acting strange, it’s probably best to get it checked out right away. Visit an auto repair shop you can trust, like Auto Advantage of Addison. We are a full service auto shop and can help with: oil changes, brakes, air conditioning, new tires and repairs, water pumps, timing belts, flushes, tune-ups, belts, hoses and more. We also have a FREE ride service available that will drop you off at home while we service your vehicle. Our technicians find the most cost effective solutions so you don’t have to spend more out-of-pocket. We have been serving our customers for over 23 years. We service every make and model for your convenience. We take pride in providing utmost customer service and treating everyone with respect.